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The BakePacker has been around for a few years and is a favorite among BACKPACKER editors, who wouldn't leave home without it... it poaches fish elegantly.

Dave Getchell, Editor "Backpacker Magazine"

Every so often an invention comes along so simple that it makes you feel foolish for not having thought of it first.  Such is the BakePacker, a new backcountry cooking accessory that allows hikers to bake using their existing stoves and cook-sets.

Wayne Curtis, Editor "American Hiker"

It's's nests in's virtually foolproof...most of all, it's not just a gadget.  It's useful.

Rich Landers, Outdoor Editor "Spokane Spokesman Review"

...the results are delicious, as I can attest from a recent long trip in the Arctic, during which a BakePacker provided us with biscuits, cinnamon rolls and raisin muffins.

Ted Kerasote, Camping Editor "Sports Afield Magazine"

  I was mystified at being able to put a plastic bag on a hot metal grid without the plastic melting... This system is easy -- much easier than trying to "steam" something, or trying to "bake" it with an aluminum foil lid.

Ann Marshall, Editor "Signpost Magazine of the Northwest"

Like every camper, I want a cooking system that will free me from doing the dishes.

Eric Perlman, Contributing Editor "Backpacker Magazine"

  I, personally, can attest to having sampled a blueberry muffin, a crab omelet and an unbelievable Calzone.  The Calzone was such a success, it was dinner for several people on three different evenings...

Nancy Eldridge, Feature Writer "River City Press"

It may sound hokey, but don't laugh.  This gadget has stunned everyone we've shown it to.  It will cook up to a pound of fish fillets in about 12 minutes.

Tom & Ginnie Reynolds, New Gear Review "Backpacker Magazine"

...thanks to the BakePacker, cornbread and apple muffins are everyday trail food, even for kitchen klutzes like me.

David Nolan, Outdoor Writer "Outside Magazine"

  It may be a gadget, but the gadget works and works well.  Sure, play with it and get used to it.  Learn how it works.  Then you can start enjoying lots of good, tasty baked goods out beyond the reach and smell of those infamous fast food joints.

C.B. "Mac" McCartan, Gear Analyst/Writer "Ocean Kayak News"


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